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On some days, our kitchen is filled with warm aromas of freshly baked chocolate chip brookies. On other days, buttery banana smells from our old-school banana tea cake, (in which we occasionally like to leave a slice for ourselves.)  Whatever may be brewing in our ovens, we are blessed bakers and feel the sense of  home, even while working.


Like coming home from a long day of activities, these scents invite. And we humbly invite you to join. We hope that our goods, in its rusticity, can provide you with the same nostalgia that we feel. We hope that it brings you to see the journey it goes through. From carefully selected ingredients, through the loving hands of our bakers, it is flavor in many senses. 

Welcome to Puffs and Peaks. 

Online-based (very) small-batched bakery. 

- JT & L (Daughter & Mother duo)