Support Local (#OurCommunity)

We are proud to collaborate with our local community of makers, and retail their products on our store shelves - head on down to our physical shop to view them ! :)

Punny Pin
Creatively handcrafted to speak love, spread love and show love, Punny Pin Greeting (a Singapore brand) put puns and accessories together on cards, magnets and hair clips to bring smiles on faces. Punny Pin Greeting wants to encourage people to speak kind words, spread good vibes and show care - making the world a better place.
DoraHo Co.
Dora is a multi skilled designer who specialises in textiles design. Previously a graphic designer, she became a full-time mother and freelance print designer in 2019. Her works reflects the asian culture which she’s inspired by. Experienced in a multitude of mediums including lettering, hand drawn illustrations, screen printing and shibori, this enables her to design fresh and unique concepts for an array of clients.
Tad Coffee
Wholesale Coffee Supplier & Barista Training | Freshly Roasted Coffee | Home of Singapore Barista Champion
At TAD, coffee is our passion and we desire to provide #aTADbetter experiences in coffee for you.
As a coffee roaster and supplier, we aim to curate amazing coffee taste experiences and offer sustainable coffee business model together with you.
Ultimately, we want to provide a holistic #aTADbetter experience for you, not just in coffee roasting and supplying, as well as enrichment through our barista training programs and coffee consultation programs.